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Instructions for using the Photo Page


Click on a category to display a page (or more) of 'Thumbnail' images of pictures contained within.

There may be sub-categories of pictures which you may select for viewing.

If there is more than 1 page of thumbnails, there will be a selector at the top and bottom
of each page to advance or go back to additional pages of thumbnails.

To return to the 'Home' page, click 'Home' in the top right.

To return to the main photo index, click 'Top index page' in the top left.

If there are sub-categories, the links in the blue boxes at the top left
can be clicked to return directly to the category you want.

When you see a picture you like, just click it to view it full size.

The 'Photo Viewing' page is opened when you left click a thumbnail.

This page also contains a menu-trail of where you came from.
(at the top left in the blue boxes) Click to return.

Below the 'menu-trail' are VCR-type buttons to go forward/backward,
first/last and back up to the index. You can also launch a slide show.

To stop the slide show, press 'Esc' or click 'Stop' on top red button.

There are 6 thumbnails of upcoming pictures you can click to skip over
pictures or to go back.

While viewing pictures, you can: