Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements


  1. Explain the properties and ingredients of a good clay body for pottery.
  2. Make two drawings of pottery forms. These are to be on paper at least 8 by 11 inches. One must be a recognized pottery type. The other must be of your own design.
  3. Explain the meaning of the following pottery terms: bat, wedging, throwing, leather dry, bone dry, greenware, bisque, terra-cotta, grog, slip, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, pyrometric cone, glaze.
  4. Do THREE of the following. Each is to be painted, glazed, or otherwise decorated by you:
    1. Make a flat tray or dish.
    2. Make a box, using the slab method.
    3. Make a vase or jar, using the coil method.
    4. Make four different tiles of your own design.
    5. Make a human or animal figurine or decorative design.
    6. Throw a simple vase on a potter's wheel.
    7. Make a pottery form. Help to fire it.
  5. Make a rough drawing of a potter's wheel. Tell how it works.
  6. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Explain the scope of the ceramic industry in the United States. Tell some of the things made, other than craft pottery.
    2. Visit a pottery, brickyard, ceramic plant, trade school, or workshop. Take notes on how pottery is made. Describe your visit.

BSA Advancement ID#: 87
Source: Boy Scout Requirements, #33215E, revised 2002