Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements


  1. Describe the work of the following: landscape architect, landscape contractor, nurseryman, and gardener.
  2. Make a drawing (1/8 inch equals 1 foot) of your home grounds. Show all buildings such as the house, garage, and barn. (NOTE: If this is not possible, make a drawing of a friend's yard.)
    1. Make a plan for these grounds. Change walks, drives, walls, fences, and planting as you wish.
    2. Show flow lines for drainage of surface water.
  3. On a tracing of the drawing, prepare a planting plan. Have at least two kinds each of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs.
  4. Name 10 shrubs, 10 trees, 5 ground covers, 5 perennials, and 5 annuals good for planting in your town. Describe their growth habits and soil and climate needs.
    1. Tell the difference between evergreen and deciduous plants.
    2. Describe the difference between broadleaf and coniferous evergreen plants. Name one of each.
    3. Tell the difference between perennials and annuals.
  5. Show how to read topographic maps. Explain the importance of a good drainage plan.
  6. Visit a well-landscaped yard, park, or building. Describe how the landscape architect has helped it.

BSA Advancement ID#: 67
Source: Boy Scout Requirements, #33215E, revised 2002