Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements


Complete 14 of the following repairs or installations:

  1. Install or build equipment for storing tools.
  2. Build a workbench.
  3. Maintain or recondition a garden tool.
  4. Locate a main switch box and know how to replace a fuse or reset a circuit breaker.
  5. Repair an electric cord, plug, or lamp socket.
  6. Clear a clogged drain or trap.
  7. Fix a leaky water faucet.
  8. Repair a flush toilet.
  9. Repair a leaky hose or connector.
  10. Clean or replace a sprinkler head.
  11. Install insulation in an attic, wall, or crawl space.
  12. Caulk cracks or joints open to the weather.
  13. Paint a wall or ceiling. Clean equipment.
  14. Waterproof a basement.
  15. Lay new tile or linoleum, or replace a worn spot.
  16. Repair a break in a cement or asphalt surface.
  17. Repair the screen in a window or door.
  18. Replace a pane of glass.
  19. Repair or install drapery or curtain rods. Hang drapes or curtains.
  20. Replace blind cords.
  21. Repair or replace a window sash cord.
  22. Repair a picture frame.
  23. Mend an object made of china, glass, or pottery.
  24. Solder a broken wire or metal object.
  25. Repair a piece of furniture.
  26. Paint or varnish a piece of furniture, a door, or trim on a house. Clean the brush.
  27. Repair a sagging door or gate.
  28. Build or fix stairs or a rail.
  29. Repair a fence.

BSA Advancement ID#: 62
Source: Boy Scout Requirements, #33215E, revised 2002