Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements


  1. Point out and identify the parts of a saltwater reel, a bait-casting reel, a spinning reel, and a fly reel. Point out and identify the main parts of a fishing rod. Tell how you would care for this equipment.
  2. Demonstrate the use of two of the three types of fishing equipment (bait-casting, spinning, and fly) and explain how each of the three is used.
  3. Demonstrate and explain the use of the following knots: clinch, palomar, turle, blood loop (barrel knot), and surgeon's loop.
  4. Name and explain five safety practices you should always follow while fishing.
  5. Name and identify five basic artificial lures and five natural baits and explain how to fish with them. Explain why bait fish are not released alive.
  6. Give the regulations affecting game fishing where you live. Explain why they were adopted and what you accomplish by following these regulations.
  7. Catch two different kinds of fish by any legal, sportsmanlike method and identify them. Demonstrate how you released at least one of them unharmed. Tell how you cleaned and cooked another fish.
  8. Explain what good outdoor sportsmanlike behavior is and how it relates to fishermen. Tell how the Outdoor Code of the Boy Scouts of America relates to a fishing sportsman, including the aspects of littering, trespassing, courteous behavior, and obeying fishing regulations.

BSA Advancement ID#: 52
Source: Boy Scout Requirements, #33215E, revised 2002