I give permission for my son, _____________________, to attend the Troop 440 trip to ___________________ on __________________. I understand the Troop will leave from the gymnasium at  _________(time). on _______ (day) and will return at  _________(time). on _______ (day) . The cost of this trip is $_______ per boy. (If this is camping the boys must bring their own dinner and snack for Friday. All other meals will be handled at the patrol level and a separate fee will be collected by the patrol leaders. We will need assistance from parents in driving to and picking up from camp.)

I understand that this trip is scheduled for tent sleeping and I will make sure my son is prepared for inclement weather, including rain. Waterproof hiking boots should be worn. As temperatures at Alpine are always lower than the city, my son will bring a sleeping bag, gloves, warm hat and socks and a change of clothes. Uniforms will be worn to and from camp. My son understands that valuables including cell phones, beepers and electronic equipment should be left at home. Some spending money would be appropriate in case we visit the trading post.


In case of a medical emergency, I authorize the leadership of the Troop to seek and authorize medical treatment for my son.

My son has the following medical conditions:

__ allergy to __________        __ physical restriction__________

__ other ______________      __ none

During the time of the trip I can be reached at _______________.

An alternate contact for me is___________________________.




_____________________                                ________________________
DATE                                                                                           SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN