Code of Ethics for Volunteers

   As a volunteer, I realize that I am subject to a code of ethics similar to that which binds the professionals in the field in which I work.
   Like them, I assume certain responsibilities and expect to account for what I do in terms of what I am expected to do.
   I will keep confidential matters confidential.

   I promise to take to my volunteer work an attitude of open mindedness; to be willing to be trained for it; to bring to it interest and attention.
   I realize that I may have assets that my co-volunteers may not have and that I should use them to enrich the project we may be working on together.
   I realize also that I may lack assets that my coworkers have.
   I will not let this make me feel inadequate, but will endeavor to assist in developing good teamwork.

   I plan to find out how I can best serve the activity for which I have volunteered and to offer as much as I am sure I can give, but no more.
   I realize that I must live up to my promises and, therefore, will be careful that my work agreement with my other volunteers is so simple and clear that it cannot be misunderstood.
   I believe that my attitude toward volunteer work should be professional.
   I have an obligation to my volunteer work, to those who direct it, to my colleagues, to the scouts for whom it is done, and to the public.

   Being eager to contribute all that I can to human betterment, I accept this Code of Ethics for the Volunteer as my code to be followed faithfully, carefully and cheerfully.