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July 4-17 Camp Read -  This years two week camp stay was successful. We had a good time while accomplishing a lot. The Scouts completed over 50 Merit Badges. The young scoutmasters, with the older scoutmasters help, completed a project we wanted to do in 2008. T.J. ran the Waubeeka Campfire log replacement project. With the help of Troop 25 Yonkers. They again spent 2 weeks with us. The boys got thru two tough weeks of hot weather. Week one the temperatures hovered over 90 degrees. Week two they were in the 80s. A gang of boys completed BSA lifeguard, A bunch did the Mile Swim. We did 4 Polar Bear Swims. I started a new consecutive streak.
With the help of Mrs. Reilly the boys completed a bunch of partial Merit badges. They included Environmental Science and Wilderness Survival. Some boys took it upon themselves to complete previously incomplete Merit Badges. It did take some nagging, but most incompletes only need 1 or 2 requirements.
There was a group of boys who completed their BSA Lifeguard while at camp. They include MD, TR, SD, AB and TO. BC and RD were Re certified. The boys who took Lifesaving Merit Badge week 2 completed the badge and also did the Mile Swim. They are JK, KH, IO, JR, and MW. These boys will get their awards at the fall Court of Honor.
The young men redid the Waubeeka Campfire Ring. That consisted of taking out the old ant eaten logs and putting in new logs in their place. That required several days of heavy work in very hot temperatures. The people who did that deserve the thanks the camp gave us. T.J. was in charge. He ran a good project. The young boys from our troop and Yonkers 25 helped us with making wooden pegs. Yonkers 25 provided additional adult help also. There were three campfires that utilized the ring while we were there and there were more than enough seats to go around.
I've been going to the Adirondacks for 40 years. This years weather was the hottest I've ever felt. The first week the temperatures hovered around 95 during the day and the low 70s at night. The second wasn't much better. The Temperatures were in the mid 80s during the day and mid 60s at night. The deer flies were atrocious. The boys who stayed 2 weeks really deserve their rest in air conditioning this week. I've heard from several of them that they will only do 1 week next year. If the weather is similar I wouldn't blame them. I'd only want to do 1 week!
I'd like to thank all of the people who helped make Camp this year a success. Mrs. Reilly, Mrs. Hauser and Mr. Lyke again did a good job preparing us for this year. Mr. Lyke and Mrs. O'Connor helped to get us prepared on the third of July. Thanks again Ryan for parking the Trailer. Mr. Dambra, Mr. Firriolo, Mr. Barry, Mr. Marchand, T.J. and Doyle helped week one. Mr. Larocchia deserves a special mention as he provided alot of comic relief. Mr. Harkins helped the second week with cooking and packing up. Mr. Hoffman helped us get out of camp on Saturday. Mrs. Wilk drove 5 scouts home. Mrs. Reilly was up there for two weeks and really got a feel of what it takes to get through two weeks of camp. Getting to and from camp is a large job and for our tenth consecutive year we have not had to use the bus. Thanks to all the parents who drove the boys up or back.
Thanks again everybody for a great camp experience. We are signed up for next year. The dates are July 3-16.

    Scoutmaster Bob

May 21-23 OA Ordeal and Work Weekend at Read - We had 1 Scout complete his Ordeal and 3 Scouts complete their Brotherhood this weekend.  3 of our Scouts participated in the ceremonies following a long day of hard work.  BC was re-elected as Lodge Chief. The Troop had 12 Scouts and 2 Adult leaders attend and completed many work projects within the camp.
Apr 30-May 2 Council Wide Camporee - The troop participated in the Westchester Putnam Council's Camporee which is held every 4 years and includes troops from the entire council (vs our district). It was held at Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill and went very well with respect to participation and weather.  Our troop participated in running an event sponsored by the OA and our adult leaders participated in various areas where needed to assure a good time for the Scouts.  We had 2 Scouts completing their 1st class cooking, while the adult leaders were joined by our senior scouts in the Grumps patrol.  Meals and cleanup went well.  The Council had a very full schedule planned which went from 6:00 AM Reveille to midnight each night.  We had some transportation problems which need to be worked on for future events but we got cleaned up and home before noon on Sunday.
April / May Eagle Projects! and Other Troop News - We have quite a few Scouts working on Eagle projects and their related fundraisers keeping many of us very busy on many weekends which has contributed somewhat to a few cancelled events over the last few months.  We received one new Scout this year whom was unable to attend our planned 'New Scouts' campout we hold every year with the purpose of introducing  everyone to each other and to teach the new Scouts skills enough to be able to obtain the rank of Scout.  This event was cancelled.  Another event cancelled was one we also do annually to teach the new Scouts aquatic skills necessary to be safe and comfortable on our annual canoe trip.

It should be noted that the leadership of our troop has stepped up and has become very involved in Council wide activities.  Our JASM, BC is our Council's OA Lodge Chief whom with 2 other of our Scouts and 2 adult leaders participate in 2 additional meetings a month and 6-8 events per year outside of the troop.  We had 3 Scouts and our Scoutmaster participate in NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) this year which is also a very time consuming course. (estimated 15-20 days a year).  We have 4 Scouts attending the National Jamboree this summer along with our Scoutmaster whom will be a Jamboree Scoutmaster.  This required 8-10 days of mandatory training and related events.  A few of our adult leaders attend 'Beaver Work weekends' at Read and Durland to assist in preparing the camps for the arrival of our Scouts.  We will have 6 of our Leaders/Scouts serving on the staff at Camp Read this summer and 1 or 2 CIT's.  We need more new parents/leaders to step up and be able to attend various future events as 2nd or 3rd adult leaders when our 'old timers' are involved in Council activities.

April 17 BBQ Fundraiser - The Troop held a 'special' BBQ chicken dinner fundraiser this year in order to purchase much needed new tents and camping equipment.  We had an excellent turnout from both the adults and the Scouts needed to work the event which went from 12:00 to 8:00PM!  We made most of the funds needed for the planned purchase.
Dec.23 Year-End Reflections from the Scoutmaster - Another Holiday Season is here and another year comes to an end. This is a time for reflection and anticipation. I can't help but look back on this past year and think how many good memories I will keep from it. The Troop had 3 Eagles advance. That is 1 more than we ever had. Next year I hope that we will have 6 boys graduate to that rank. That would be a great success. The rest of the Troop all had advancements. The group who are freshman now have all reached 1st Class. I am most proud of that. I tell the boys it is our job to get them to 1st Class, theirs to get to Eagle. The boys who are coming up behid them are doing very well.

We were very active last year in both the Troop and at the Council and District level.
BC became our Councils OA Lodge Chief.
We ran the firebuilding station at the Klondike.
We ran the signalling station at the Fall Camporee.
We attended and ran an event at the Thunderbird Games.
We again had 7 members on the Camp Read Staff.

The Troop had a very active year.
We went to two different mountains Skiing.
We participated in the Klondike. The sled broke, but the boys made do and
they always had a positive mental attitude.
We went ice fishing and sledding.
We went camping several times.
We went Orienteeering in Chinatown.
We went to Read in May and took over the Buckskin Office.
My favorite memory from that weekend was when the ordeal was over the
boys on their own put together two tables and we ate as a family.
We went to Block Island this year and had a good time there.

At Camp this year we also had some good memories.
We combined with Troop 25 Yonkers to form Troop 465 while in camp.
7 boys completed their wilderness survival.
PH became a blue water swimmer after 2 years of trying.
BC(Melvin) completed his shotgun merit badge after 4 years of trying.
The Troop had the most Boy weeks in our history. 22 attended
first week, 24 attended second week for a grand total of 46 weeks to
break our record of 45.
Mr. Firriolo did double duty. He ran the
shotgun range and ran several merit badge classes for the boys. They
earned Merit Badges such as Public Speaking, Traffic Safety, Painting,
and some of the Citizenships.
Dentistry and Photography were available but the boys did not find these attractive.
Several of the staff and I came down with severe head colds the second week
this year due to chilly weather the first week. I was down but not out.
It turned out to be a good thing when the Magnificent 7 built a bridge over
the stream bed on the trail up to the parade field. The only thing I did for the bridge
was acquire nails and unload 2X4s. They did all the rest. That bridge
and our participation in the camp events helped us win our 3rd big "W".
We placed 3rd in the Relay Race, Ist in Waubeeka.
We were the only Troop to attend the Polar Bear Swims.
We won the scavenger hunts both weeks.
We placed in firebuilding, we also took second in the staff hunt.
BK. won the sliding seat boat race.
I have to thank the young men who were on staff at Waubeeka this year.
I left with a coveted Probie hat that they all signed. That will be a treasured
keepsake for me forever. It brought tears to my eye. 440 also had
several flag lowerings. Those always gave me goosebumps.

In the fall we attended several events.
We went to the Troop's first reenactment since our early years.
We went to the Thunderbird games and ran a fishing event.
We got rained out at the M and M Camporee.
We had a wonderful time at Herrlich and maybe next year we will effect some
changes in the program.
We participated in the Parade of lights for our 6th straight year.

I would like to thank some people who have helped me along my trail as Scoutmaster. There have been many but some individuals deserve recognition.
I would like to thank Donna Doyle for term as Committee Chair. Without her leadership the Troop would be nowhere near we are now.
I would also like to thank Kerri Kranz for taking over. She is doing a good job and the Troop owes her a lot.
I would like to thank Rick McCabe for all of his work as Advancement Chair. That is a tough job.
Ann Reilly for her job as Parent Unit Coordinator and Membership
Chair. She also does a lot behind the scenes.
Rich Dambra is our new treasurer. He also took Scoutmaster Training in the fall.
Sharon Bria was our popcorn kernal and Joy wilk took over her job.
Ward Lyke continues to run the Website.
Antoinette O'Connor has taken over as Outdoor Chair.
Rebecca and Steve Kessman for their help this fall.
Rob Firriolo, Paul Andrews, Pat Barry, Mike Hoffman, Warren Sisko, Rich Dambra, Ward Lyke, Rick McCabe, Kevin Wiggers, and Marius Wilk have all spent time with our boys, either at camp or on Campouts or events. These men all deserve our thanks. Thank you all for making Troop 440 the success that it is. I could not do this alone. Thank you all for the wondeful gifts presented to me last night.

Yours in Fellowship
Scoutmaster Bob


Oct. 23-25 Fall Camporee - Most of us arrived at Durland Scout Center early enough to set-up our tents before the rain -and- others of us did not!  We were in a remote campsite which was perhaps a 300 yard hike from the cars, so we were able to bring a little more than 'backpacking gear'.  We had 13 Scouts and 2 leaders under a 12X16 tarp with a leaky hole in the dead center of it!  It rained off and on all night Friday but luckily slowed to a drizzle for the morning breakfast preparation. We had 2 patrols entered in the competition and the 2 adults along with 2 senior scouts ran a signaling station (deep within the woods).  It rained all day and many of us got soaked.  When we returned to our campsite in the afternoon, we saw many troops leaving and after an inspection of our own Scouts and equipment (very wet and probable hyperthermia victims with 2 of our newer scouts), took a vote and decided to leave that night as well (before the 'heavy' rain set in).  We had 2 Scouts doing their 1st class cooking, so while most of us broke camp and packed, they cooked their meals (at 4:00PM) and shared their delicious and well appreciated meals with all of us.  We will re-pack and clean-up the trailer at the meeting this Tuesday.
Oct. 17 Thunderbird Games - This weekend was the Thunderbird Games.  Troop 440’s game was a fishing game created by EM.  I think our game attracted a lot of cub scouts and they had fun playing it.  TR and I were dressed up as Indians representing the Order of the Arrow. We were trying to interest more fellow boy scouts into the OA and give the cub scouts a taste of what the Boy Scouts is like.  The good weather held out long enough so we could have a good time.  I think overall both the Boy Scouts and the Cub Scouts had an exceptionally good time!
Oct. 4 Bike Hike - We drove to Minnewaska state park for a 10 mile bike hike on the trails within the park.  We had great weather and all got a very good workout and experienced great views.  On the way back, we stopped and observed the climbing cliffs within the same park prompting our older more aggressive scouts to request a trip there to climb.
Sept 18-20 Civil War Re-enactment Campout - Troop 440 was responsible for parking cars.  The Civil War Reenactment was very interesting and fun to watch.  The soldiers uniforms looked authentic.  After dark, we were "drafted" to go on a candlelight tour of the Union and the Confederate campsites.  It was a fun weekend hanging out with everyone and watching soldiers "fight it out to the death!"
July 5-18 Camp Read 2009 - Awaiting Input
Nov. 7-9 Carmel Community Campout - We met at Camp Herlich Friday night and set up camp.  We joined the 3 other local troops to run a Cub 'Camporee type' program on Saturday.  Our 'middle' management was in charge of our troop for this event.
Sept. 27-28 Appalachian Trail Backpacking Campout. - This was a 2 night campout for our senior scouts who met at the RPH Shelter off Miller Hill Road Friday night and slept there in preparation for a early morning start over Stormville Mountain, (a particularly difficult section of the trail).  The rest of the troop met at 8:00 at the Sunoco station and were driven to the Rt.52 entry point of the AT where we had a modest 3.8 hike to the Morgan Stewart Shelter.  We had many 1st and 2nd year scouts in attendance and didn't know how well they would do.  We enforced a mandatory pack 'shake-down' prior to the hike and I think it paid off as the group completed the hike in a little over 2 hours with no causalities!  We were threatened by rain the entire trip but only got a few minutes of drizzle a couple of times.  The afternoon was spent doing a little (very!) training and getting 2 fires (with wet wood) going for the evenings supper.  Late in the afternoon, the seniors caught up with us (I think BC lost 10 lbs.) and took over the shelter for their bunks.  All the patrols brought tin foil meals which required heating up and with the large bed of coals we had, worked very well.  We were joined by 3 other guests 2 of whom were Eagle scouts and 2 of whom were hiking the entire trail.  We shared our cooking fire with them.  Later in the evening, we had a large campfire where each patrol did skits and songs followed by an early bedtime.  Everyone was woken up at 6:30, and by 9:30 (3 hours?!?) were ready to leave.  The 2.8 mile hike to old Rt. 55 was easier than the hike in, and everyone was on their way home by 11:00.  Special thanks to parents who provided transportation and shuffled cars from Rt. 52 over to Rt.55 for the uniformed leaders.
July 6-19 Camp Read 2008 - Awaiting Input
May 30-31 Canoe Trip - We returned to the Farmington River again for our annual canoe trip and camped at the American Legion State Forest.  We left the park and ride at about 6:30 and arrived just in time to set up in the dark.  Set up went well and everyone was exhausted after it (about 10:00) so we all retired without a campfire or 'cracker-barrel'.  The next morning, a surprisingly large amount of scouts and adult were up and about very early (5:30 - 6:00AM!).  We brought the rest of the gear up from the trailer and set up for breakfast.  We had 5 patrols including the adults, and we all shared 3 gas stoves under our canopy.  After some confusion about where and what time we were to meet the guides, we departed at about 9:00 for the drive to Riverton, CT where we were instructed on canoe and kayak safety and launched down the river at about 10:30.  2 Adults stayed behind to watch the campsite and prepare a campfire for the evenings events.  Heavy rain was in the forecast but we were lucky and had only to endure a few brief showers.  The trip lasted longer than last time with most of the scouts arriving back at camp around 4:00, just in time to start setting up for dinner.  2 patrols cooked over an open fire (as scouts should!) and their meals came out spectacular.  The adults ate last as they chose to prepare a slow cooking stew for their meal (which due to a late storm had to be removed from the charcoal fired dutch oven to a gas stove for completion).  We endured an 2 hours of heavy rain which luckily cleared up just in time to light the campfire and complete the evenings events.  Sunday morning saw far fewer scouts up early but we still managed to eat, tear down the site, pack-up and be on the road by 9:00 for the trip home.
May 9-11 Beach Campout - Awaiting Input
Apr 25-26, 08 New Scout Campout - Awaiting Input
April 12, 08 5 Mile Hike to Mt. Ninham - This was a short day hike which was organized due to the postponement of the 'new scouts campout'.  6 of our 11 new scouts attended along with 2 new dads.  We met at shoprite at 8:00 and drove to a parking area along Gypsy Trail road where we hiked back along the road to the entrance of Putnam Park where we entered and traveled along the path through our past campsites, back past our cars and continued onto Mt. Ninham road.  We climbed the tower and enjoyed a great view of the Carmel/Kent area.  New Scouts identified 10 signs of animal life and learned a few things about hiking.  We were finished at 12:00.
March 30, 08 Anthony's Nose Hike - We met at Shoprite at 8:00 and departed for the Bear Mountain Bridge where we parked and entered the Appalachian trail.  After a steep ascent up the mountain, we arrived at a massive rock formation which overlooks the bridge with spectacular views up and down the Hudson river.  We had 4-5 of our 'new scouts' attend along with our troops first eagle scout, Mr. John Sisko.  Attendance by our 'older' scouts was very poor and they missed a great experience.  We had set out to do a 5 mile hike but it turned out to be only about 3 miles so we will plan another hike for our new scouts for this requirement.
July-Aug. World Jamboree - This is BC and I am back from the World Jamboree. The plane trips were very long but the Jamboree was great. There were 40,000 scouts from 158 countries there. The theme of the Jamboree was One World, One Promise.  During the Jamboree, which was 10 days, they engaged us in learning about other countries.  The opening ceremony was amazing. Prince William and the Duke of Kent were there observing the ceremony. The greatest part about the ceremony was that the Jamboree had skydivers bring the World Scout flag. This ceremony also had many fireworks. Lastly, there was a lot of music and dancing.  The daily life of a Scout in the World Jamboree consisted of many things. About half of the day you had free time. The other half of the day consisted of doing activities with people from around the world. Sometimes it would be hard to speak other languages like Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Swahili. There were three days where we left campus. These days were doing a service project, water activities, and Gilwell Park. Gilwell Park was basically a fun military Scout camp. Every night there was a concert somewhere on campus. That was great.  Trading was a big part of the Jamboree. People would trade hats, uniforms, neckerchiefs, pants, socks, and patches. I got an official Austrian Scout hat. Also, I was able to get an English, Bolivian, and Canadian uniform. Lastly, I got a Polish neckerchief. I also obtained many patches from around the world. Some of them, I can't even read.  Sunrise Day was probably the most inspirational day for me. August 1st, 2007. Exactly 100 years ago Baden-Powell blew a kudo horn to start the first scout camp on Browsea island. And 100 years ago Peter Duncan (chief scout of the UK) blew the same horn that Baden-Powell blew 100 years ago. When Scouting started, it was just 20 young boys. Now 100 years later, there are 28 million young people in Scouting all around the world. Lastly, Baden-Powell's grandson read a message written by Baden-Powell that he wanted to have been read at the right moment after Baden-Powell died. This was a very emotional day for me.  The Closing ceremony was a blast. During the closing ceremony, they showed the greatest and best moments of the Jamboree. Queen Elizabeth was supposed to be at the closing ceremony, but something happened. This ceremony also had a 45 minute fireworks show.  It was the best one I've seen in my life.  What was very great for me to see was the changing the World Scout flag. This was an important ceremony that gave Sweden the flag and the rights to the next Jamboree.   The Jamboree was a life-changing experience for me.  I learned about many cultures and met people from many different countries. It was expensive, but it was well worth the money. If you ever get a chance to go to a World Jamboree GO!! You make friends from around the world and learn about many different cultures, heritages, and nations.
July 1-14 Camp Read 2007 - We had a very successful year at Camp Read this summer. I hope the boys have a lot of memories that they can keep from this year's adventures. Our time at Cascade in the heart of Camp Waubeeka was full of a lot of laughs and a little bit of tears but the boys performed like they always do; full of enthusiasm in their quest for the "Big W."

The "Big W" is the award given to the best troop in camp for the week. RL, BM, and LL were the only boys in the troop to ever be involved in previously winning the "Big W" back in 2002. We have always competed hard for the award but have always come in 2nd place since then. In fact, we came in 2nd the first week this year but we still had alot of accomplishments. The boys completed 50 merit badges! TR completed the Mile Swim; WW earned his BSA Lifeguard; 5 boys went on a trail ride and EC and JL completed their Wilderness Survival. TR won the Troop Shoot and got a Troop 440 hat as the winner. A bunch of us went down into the caves (everybody got through except yours truly--I couldn't fit!)

TJ, TD, Mr. Lyke, and myself climbed Mount Stevens. Mr. Lyke was my buddy and got me up the mountain. TD and TJ were like mountain goats running up and down the trail. They cheered me on, too (as they ran by me!) If it wasn't for the 3 of them, I would have never made it up the mountain. We also won the fire-building contest. We did this in 2 minutes and 2 seconds. Also, we took 2nd in the Staff Hunt. On top of all that, the boys only lost 3 points during inspection. On Wednesday, a bunch of us helped out at the O.A. ice cream social.

Over the weekend, we had to do laundry for 13 smelly boys. Thanks to Donna D, Sharon B, Jean M, Chris D and Sheila P for helping me get them through this "new" experience of cleaning for themselves! Afterwards, we had a wonderful pizza party at Giuseppe's where about 35 of us had pizza and soda. What a relief it wasn't camp food!! The boys then went about taking over Lake George like a bunch of sailors on leave. I drove around for three hours and enjoyed the calming silence of not hearing my name called. After that, we split up to enjoy to dinner out with our families. Our contingent ended up at Suzie Q's in Brant Lake.

The 2nd week started just like the 1st week; with chaos. However, once the boys learned what to do and settled in, we had a very successful week. We set up camp differently by assigning all the older boys as leaders and guides; thus forcing the newer boys to cook, clean, and learn about how to live at camp. We set up the troop like a mini-National Youth Leader Training Troop. JS, JM, BK, ML, and DA operated as troop guides and supervised what the younger boys should (and should not) be doing. MD, TR, and KP acted as Patrol Leaders. They did everything well until it came to cooking the pancakes--maybe next time they'll use cooking oil! One pot almost didn't survive them; it had to be boiled 3 times and scrubbed within inches of its life before it was clean again! We were very active again this week. We earned a bunch of merit badges. We sent another contingent through the caves. The boys had a massive water fight Wednesday during siesta. Anybody who wanted to, got soaked. There was much laughing and camaraderie that was pretty impressive. The boys also did a service project for the camp over the course of 2 days (about 60 man hours). We replaced 6 posts and 8 handrails along the trail to the Pole Barn (handicraft area.) The older boys sunk the posts and the newer boys did all the lashings. We didn't place in firebuilding; we got disqualified for not keeping to the 10 minute time limit. We did take 1st place in the Staff Hunt this week and 3 of us went up to help at the O.A. ice cream social. The first week we placed 2nd for the "Big W". After it was announced that Chappaqua Troop 1 had won the first week, I didn't feel too bad as I knew we had another chance the 2nd week. At the campfire the 2nd week when it was announced that we had won the "Big W", I felt so happy for all the older boys who had been trying to win this award for the past 5 years. We finally got it! The boys deserve all the credit; especially TJ, BC, TD, RD, JS, ML, BK, and DA. Without their help and direction, we never would've won the award.

When we got the "Big W" back to the campsite, Charlie Larocchia congratulated me and my leadership for helping them get the award. However, I'd also like to the thank the leaders in order of appearance who helped me get through these 2 busy weeks. We wouldn't have been organized enough to get there without Carolyn Wachter. Ward Lyke was there with me on Saturday to help set up at the start of it all. Rob Firriolo spent the entire 1st week with me and he took good care of me. Rich Dambra arrived Wednesday of the 1st week with much needed supplies. (I hope he enjoyed his stay well enough to come for the entire week next year. Sorry, Tom, but he makes better coffee than you!) Paul Andrews tagged Rob Firriolo on Saturday night and took over the medical officer's job. Rob Leonard arrived Sunday and spent his 5th summer up at camp with me. It wouldn't be camp without him. He makes me laugh when I want to cry!  Warren Sisko and Joe McCaffrey showed up for one meal on Wednesday morning and, who knows, maybe they brought us some luck.  Charlie Larocchia arrived Wednesday night; again with much needed supplies and was a big help during his time with the troop.  Without these parents and leaders, camp would not have been as successful for the boys!

Every year when camp is over I always think it was the best time of my life as a Scoutmaster. It just keeps getting better and better every year and you should all be proud of your boys and the effort they extend when they're up at camp. The camp is rugged and most times they do their activities with smiles on their faces and not too many gripes. I know I will leave this year with many fond memories and I can't wait to see the pictures. If you have not signed the "Big W" (and there are several of you), please contact me and we will arrange for you to sign (that includes parents.) We don't know where we're going to put the "Big W" yet but right now we're going to hang it in the trailer. Thanks everybody and have a great rest of the summer. See some of you at the weekends preceding the conclave in August.

Scoutmaster Bob
June 3 Firematic Venture Event - 5 of our senior scouts and 1 leader volunteered to assist in the running of the annual Venture crew Firematic event at the Westchester Fire Training center.  We all left the Block Island trip after dinner on Saturday and returned to Carmel to fine a blackout.  We all crashed at the AS house and left early the next morning to travel to the event.  We got to participate a little in the event (but not as much as we wanted to!) and we have some funny pictures of our scouts in fireman gear competing against each other with a fire hose trying to squirt a hanging ball to the opponents side.  Much thanks to those whom participated!
June 1-3 Bike Hike on Block Island - The troop traveled to Port Judith in Rhode Island on Friday evening and setup camp in the Fisherman's Wharf State Campgrounds.  The next morning after a early breakfast 17 boys and adults rode their bikes a mile to the Block Island ferry while 16 of us whom were renting bikes met up with them via car.  We caught the 9:00 ferry this time and were on the island by 10:00 and on our way to the South Lighthouse by 10:30.  This year, we had a few leaders on mopeds instead of bikes and it worked out well as they were able to quickly move between the various groups of scouts to help out and encourage where needed.  The troop ate at a local restaurant this year instead of making sandwiches and brown bagging it and I think it worked out well (It worked out very well for the adults!).  After lunch, we traveled to the northern lighthouse and explored the 'Swiss Family Robertson' house (which was destroyed by an avalanche  during a storm a few week earlier).  By late afternoon, we were back in town, the bikes and mopeds returned, and various groups went exploring or shopping in town while we waited for the 5:00 ferry.  Back in camp, the scouts made 2 kinds of chili for dinner and later had a campfire to end the night.  In the morning, after a fast Dunkin Donuts breakfast!, the troop headed home.
May 4-6 Spring Trek-a-Ree - Congratulations and a Huge Well Done are in order for the guys who participated in the Spring Trek-O-Ree this past weekend. The Troop sent out four patrols and the boys had a great weekend and accomplished a great deal! They competed against 15 other patrols from the Muscoot district.

1. To TD,JS,WW,RD,EK, and RF (the Pirate/Badger Patrol) for coming in 1st place and beating the Senior/Sniper Patrol by a 1/2 point margin. TD is turning hard core (and apparently Learned some leadership skills at NYLT last week)! Well Done.
2. To LL, BM, TJP, and BC (the Senior/Sniper Patrol) for coming in 2nd place and making this the most satisfying Camp-O-Ree of my tenure as Scoutmaster. Well Done.
3. To BK, KL, MA, MD, RR, JL, (the Geico Patrol) for coming in an unofficial 4th place. BK. has shown himself to be an up and coming leader. He has a bright future ahead of him. Well Done.
4. To EM, TR, JL, JS, CK, and JB, (the Los Gatos Patrol) for garnering 82 points and coming in an unofficial 8th place. They did this with three boys who have been in the Troop for a short time. They got lost along the trail, as did many others including the Seniors. They all became dehydrated but showed True Scout Spirit though and rehydrated, resumed the Trek and completed the stations. The younger Scouts learned the value of their water bottles. I also want to add a special thank you to EM for bringing ice cold water to the station our Troop was running at the top of the hill overlooking Clear Lake. Well Done, guys.
5. To BC--Great Job. I know there was a lot of frustration with how the boys acted and you were truly upset each night the boys had their games taken away. I hope now this past weekend made it all worthwhile. You should be proud of our achievements.
6. To BC. & JS. for carrying RR pack the "last mile." You two were really helpful to Lean On. That act of kindness showed the other troops how tight you guys can be.
7. To KL, thank you for guiding BK's patrol. You helped the Troop even though I know you wanted to go out with the Seniors. Good Job.
8. To BM, LL & TJ, thanks for everything you guys did this weekend. You showed yourselves well this weekend, (except for sleeping in Sunday)! Every task given to you this weekend (almost) was done well, and you too can be proud of your contributions to this event's success.
Apr 20-22 New Scout Campout - Awaiting Input
Apr 1-7 Cheap Patrol Outings - Awaiting Input
Mar 31 Bike Hike from Carmel to Yorktown  - Awaiting Input
Mar 9-11 Nuclear Lake Backpacking Campout - Awaiting Input
Feb. 16-18 Clear Lake Cabin Campout - Awaiting Input
Feb. 3 Full Moon Night Hike - Awaiting Input
Dec. 9 Carmel Xmas Tree Lighting - We met in Carmel in time for the annual Chowder fest and caroling.  This year, we started the parade at Guidepost and marched back to the Courthouse.  Our float was revamped the prior weekend with only signage and accessories to be added this evening.  We had good attendance and a huge crowd of spectators to watch us march.  After the parade, some of us were able to return to Sybil and partake in refreshments and enjoy some more caroling.
Oct. 22 Annual Dinner and COH - Our annual dinner was held for the third year at the Presbyterian camp in Holmes, NY.  This year, it was only a day event and we arrived at the camp around 8:30AM.  The boys set up the dining hall including stapling plastic to the screened windows to keep in the heat.  Next, we spent 2 hours preparing the food for dinner which included Cutting and preparing 2 large salads, dicing 25lbs of potatoes, prep'ing 4 large roast beefs including slicing onion and mushrooms for the gravy, and preparing various appetizers. The invited guests and parents arrived at 2:00 when the Court of Honor began, run by KL.  Many badges and awards were presented to the scouts and scouters from summer camp and various other events the troop took part in during the summer and fall.  Following the court of honor, dinner was served, followed by desert.  We had many volunteers  remain to clean-up the hall and kitchen.
Oct. 14 Service Project (s) - We split the troop in 2 this weekend to be able to man a station at the Councils annual Thunderbird Games in Croton Point Park and to assist with the first annual Tilly Foster Farm Day.  KL and BC led a group of our first year scouts in running a Potato Sack Race event at the Thunderbird Games.  There were over 3000 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Leaders and Parents in attendance and we were able to run the event as 2 shifts, giving each group a rest.  The second half of the troop reported to Tilly Foster Farms in Brewster and assisted in parking cars and driving infirm and elderly guests from the parking lots to the event area in supplied golf carts.  The troop was also invited to run a refreshment booth where we made fried dough snacks for the guests.
Sept.29-1 Fall Camp-o-ree - The Troop prepared for 2 weeks at their weekly meetings for this event and it showed.  We had 3 patrols entered and they came in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th out of 18 patrols competing.  I'll include the Email sent to the Scouts by Scoutmaster Bob to describe the rest of this weekend:
To all of you who attended this weekend's event, GREAT JOB!
Taking 2nd and 3rd place officially (and coming in a close 5th unofficially) at the Camp-O-Ree is really an improvement from the last 2 Camp-O-Ree's that we attended. It was great to see your enthusiasm and Scout spirit. Special commendations go to:
--BM and LL for their leadership at this event;
--RL and the Senior Patrol for the preparation leading up to this event;
--BC. and KL for their leadership in outwitting the Senior Patrol by .25 points;
--JM for his leadership with a rookie Asst Patrol Leader;
--RD for stepping up and becoming an Asst Patrol Leader for the day & proving that he's a future Patrol Leader;
--Mr. Porta & Mr. McMurray for helping us set up on Friday night and also Mr. Porta for helping us get out of the rain on Sunday morning;
--And to all the rookies who stepped up and gave a good team effort to help their patrols succeed this weekend.
To all those who attended, I think this was a successful event and I hope you had as memorable a weekend as I had. This will go down as my favorite Camp-O-Ree of all time.
Sept. 23 Bike Hike - We arrived at 8:00 at the beginning of the trail at Seminary Hill road in Carmel on this damp and slightly rainy morning and waited a few minutes for the 'advance' crew to return from Yorktown where a bike trailer was dropped off as well as a few mini-vans to transport the troop back.  (We chose not to ride back so we could travel a greater distance and observe different scenery than previous trips).  Everyone rode at least 17 miles and the lead group completed 25 miles all in less than 3 hours with a few stops and a lunch break.  We had 12 Scouts and 7 Adults attend.
Sept.15-17 OA Ordeal and Work Weekend at Clearlake - We had 1 Scout complete his Ordeal this weekend.  KL served as Kichkinet and BM served as Allowat Sakima in the ceremony following it.  The Troop had 7 Scouts and 3 Adult leaders attend and completed many work projects within the camp.  Our Troop can proudly boost OA membership of 10 Youth and 3 Adults including 1 Vigil, and 3 Brotherhood members.
Aug.25-27 Service Project(s) Weekend- The troop met Friday evening at the Presbyterian Camp for our 3rd annual weekend of service projects at this facility.  We empty out 4 large 12 person tents of the cots and dressers and trucked them to a storage building where they are unloaded and stacked inside for the winter.  Next, the tents are taken down, folded and stored in the same building.  We had to leave 2 up this year due to a very wet weekend.  We also manned a water station for the Tour-de-Putnam bicycle event.  This was our 5th year of this service project, and our 2nd of doing it in a downpour!
Aug.25-26 OA Conclave- 4 Scouts and 2 Scouters traveled to Camp Buckner at West Point for our OA lodges annual conclave, the first attendance for any member of our Troop!  We slept in the barracks used by the Cadets for basic training and ate our meals in their mess hall.  There were 10 lodges from our section present and besides a weekend of fun and games, we each attended 3 sessions of training in leadership and/or organizational skills and met the national youth leader of the OA!  Next year, our lodge is the host of this event which promises to be a very challenging and rewarding experience for the Boys.  We left early on Saturday night to join the rest of the Troop at the Presbyterian Camp for our multi-service project weekend.
July 8-15 Camp Read 2006- We had a record number of scouts attend this year. 24!  We had a total of 4 patrols with stoves, sinks, lights etc. to equip each one.  The troops new trailer and garage were brought and used this year.  The troop had 3 scouts serve on the professional staff and 4 scouts serve as CITs.  This scribe was not in attendance for the entire week but was promised a 'few' write-ups about the troops experience and activities by the scouts, and this paragraph will be updated when they are received!
June 20 Court of Honor - We were treated to a fairly cool evening and ample refreshments at our last Troop meeting of the Scout year.  KL ran the meeting and many advancements and awards were given out to both the Scouts and Scouters.
June 17 Service Project at Clear Lake - 12 Scouts and 4 Adults traveled to Clear Lake Scout Reservation to stain the railings of 6 cabins and 2 restrooms.  We began work at about 9:00 and was able to work until about 12:00 when the rain prohibited anymore painting.  WW also completed his scoutmaster conference and B-O-R for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class.  We agreed to return in the fall to complete where we left off.
June 6 WRAM Airplane Fields - For our Troop meeting on 6/6/06, we went to the WRAM airplane fields. We got to watch and control model airplanes (including one owned by our troop which was assembled 3 years ago at Troop meetings by scouts working on their merit badge). It was a lot of fun, and we even got to see one crash. Also, we had a barbeque of hamburgers and hot dogs during the meeting, which I thought was a great idea. It was a worthwhile, out of the ordinary, meeting. By ML
June 2-4 Farmington River Canoe TripWith full knowledge and understanding of what weather conditions lay before us this weekend, the super scouts of Troop-440 left the park and ride at 6:30 for the 1 1/2 hour trip to Pleasant Valley, CT  where we met up with our river guide, who led us to our campsite and explained a little about what we would be in for tomorrow.  We were lucky that we had only slight rain and drizzle during our set-up and unlucky that we were unable to park our trailer within the campsite and had to carry all our gear back and forth.  In any case, we all got our tents pitched, tarps hung, tables shifted, stoves setup and a fire started for a brief pow wow before retiring to bed.  We woke at 6:30 and had breakfast prepared and cleaned up by 8:00 when we left in 2 groups to the river.  We had another brief canoe and kayak lesson at the start and had 2 guides from the outfitter accompany us down stream.  It was a good thing we had them as many of us (this unfortunate scribe among them) took ‘exciting and enjoyable’ (not) plunges into the water at various points in the river.  We stayed together as a group and many up front were able to rescue ‘lost’ paddles, lunch sacks, cases of water and scouts as they flowed downstream after losing a fight with a rock or submerged tree in the stream.  The river was moving quite fast and there were many class-2 areas of rapids on our 12 mile trip downstream.  We stopped for lunch a little more than half-way through, re-told stories of our mishaps and tried to figure out why SMB was (still) so dry.  On the second half of our journey, the adults split up and took a tiring newbie with them as we encountered heavy rain and a brief thunder and lighting storm (which we sat out!).  We ended up at the outfitters at about 3:00 drenched but in good spirits as everyone was accounted for and in seemingly good health.  We went back to camp where one of our adult leaders who ‘graciously’ stayed behind to watch the campsite had a nice fire going and hot water for cocoa and coffee.  After changing, we had 4 patrols and the grumps prepare separate dinner(s) in the rain.  It went very well and everyone was well fed.  We only lost one carfull of scouts who were scheduled to leave Sat. night anyway.  Everyone else stayed for the second night and helped cleanup on Sunday morning which enabled us to be on the road by 8:30 for the trip home.  See the Photos here.
May 21 Swimming at Green Chimneys- We met at Green Chimneys for a afternoon of swimming and fun in which 6 of our new Scouts completed their 'swim test' for the upcoming canoe trop.
May 19-21 OA Ordeal at Read- We had 5 Scouts and 1 Adult leader inducted into The Order of The Arrow during a Ordeal and a Ceremony held at Camp Read this weekend.  They were escorted by a Vigil member and two Brotherhood members from our Troop.  Brian was honored with the role of Kichkinet, the first member of our young Troop to do so.  We lucked out with the weather and helped out with the completion of many projects needed for the opening of camp this year.
May 14 Eagle Service Project - We all went to work on Ryan’s eagle project. Ironically, he is doing his at Ryan’s Field. What we were focusing on that day was clearing a path and making space for ten stations. We had to redirect streams, cut off branches, cut down trees, clip shrubs, pick up branches and move wood. Impressively, twenty-two scouts from our troop came. On the whole, we got a great deal of things done, and made a lot of progress.  By ML
May 5-7 Muscoot Spring Camp-o-ree - We left shoprite at 6:00 for the ride down to Croton on the Hudson where we set-up camp and started a fire in a fireplace provided for our Troop. In the morning, KL and BM made breakfast for everyone. Following breakfast, we engaged in a service project with the other Troops to re-do a path through the woods. This took us to lunch (sandwiches). In the afternoon, the Cub Scouts arrived and our troop manned a 'Soil Erosion' station where we talked and showed experiments about erosion to the various scout groups that came by our station. The camp-o-ree was over at 3:30 and we went back to our site where a mother brought in dinner for the Troop.  After dinner, the district held a campfire with skits etc. After that we retired back to our site for desert, a game of manhunt and rest. In the morning, we ate a cold breakfast, packed up and were home by 10:30.  By KL

The last camp out was very eventful. In other words, it was disastrous. First of all, on Friday, someone threw a rock at a truck and broke a window. We were fined $750 for it, and now we have to do a service project to repay it. Also, someone knocked down a tree, which killed baby owls. On Saturday, Council people told us that we took their wood, which was true. We accidentally took wood for the Council fire that was going to be held later in the evening. For dinner, Mrs. Doyle brought us a delicious Shepard’s pie. Later, we went to the Council fire. During the fire, some of the members of our troop snuck away, and when we got back from the fire, all of the cookies we were going to have for dessert were gone! All in all, it was a horrible camp out for our troop as a whole.  By ML

April 22-23 Backpacking hike and fishing trip at Clear Lake - The Troop (which included 11 of our new scouts for their first overnighter) met at shoprite in the rain on Sat. morning and were eager to go.  The older scouts traveled to Clear Lake and the new scouts traveled to the trail to Clear Lake from Rt. 301 in Kent.  Both groups backpacked into our troops remote camp site above site-53 at Clear Lake (the new scouts hike was a little shorter than the 'pros').  We set-up camp in light rain and were able to gather dry kindling under the thick layers of leaves and soon had a fire going which we maintained all day and into the night.  We set-up a large tarp to work under and a crew of boys traveled down to a spring to fill up our drinking water containers.  Most of our 22 scouts in attendance took a 5 mile hike through Clear Lake led by Ryan and TJ while a few of us remaining scouts and scouters bushwhacked over the mountain to Stillwater pond.  We had MRE's for dinner which most of us enjoyed and after a small campfire council we turned in to bed at about 9:00.  It continued to rain all night, and 2 of our tents were in a 1-3" puddle of water by morning!  However, no one was overly wet or cold and everyone pitched in to help the new scouts take down their tents and re-pack their packs for the trip out. (This was all done in a moderate rainfall).  We were all out of the woods by 9:30 and home by 10:00.  The 11 new scouts who came all did exceptionally well on this 'high adventure' trip which not many troops would try to undertake even with their seasoned scouts.
April 18 New Scout Parent Orientation- We received 14 new scouts into our troop this spring, almost doubling our size.  The troop invited all parents to attend an orientation meeting, which was run mostly by the scouts, where parents were introduced to scouting including uniform composition, equipment needed for various types of outings and personnel items which should be brought on outings.  We also presented our Camp Read program and handed out the parents guide and the various forms needed for Camp.  Refreshments were served and we ended on time!
April 8 Appalachian Trail Day Hike- The Troop met in patterson and were transported by car to the old route 55 entrance of the trail where we started our 5 mile hike.  6 of our new scouts joined 9 'old' scouts and 4 leaders and completed their requirements for a 5-mile hike as well as some orienteering sign-offs.  The weather forecast called for some light rain showers which we were prepared for, -BUT-, after a light drizzle, we encounter sleet, then hail followed by snow later in the morning!  No one seemed bothered by it!  We identified 10 different animals (or signs of) and SMB engaged the older scouts in a game where if they could hide and/or double back and surprise us they would get a point, if we saw them, we would get a point.  The older scouts won 3-1.  We reached the leanto at noon where we met-up with the older scouts, whom were exploring a cave, and had our lunch.  The scouts started a small fire to warm hands and some water while the leaders hiked down the last hill to recover their cars from the starting point and pick-up the scouts a 1/2 hour later.
April 1-2 New Scout Welcome Campout at Clear Lake - The Troop left Shop Rite plaza at 6:30PM for Clear Lake where we set up camp and began to prepare for the arrival of our newly recruited scouts the next morning.  We ran the event like a camp-o-ree with 5 stations covering Totenship, First aid, Map and Compass, Fire Building and Tent setup.  The idea was to bring the new scouts up to the rank of 'Scout'.  WW did his First Class Cooking, and the Seniors prepared meals for themselves and the new scouts.  A delicious  corn beef and cabbage meal was prepared for dinner which was enjoyed by all.  We had a great council campfire where we were treated to 2 new skits, 1 by a patrol of new scouts.  We had a brief rain shower during the day which did not deter anyone, and we had to drive outside to obtain clean water.  The new scouts did not stay over night on this trip.  They will hopefully join us at our next overnighter pending an equipment inspection.
March 25 Rock Climbing - A small group of us took a high adventure trip to 'The Cliffs at Valhalla', an indoor rock climbing facility.  It was a much larger and more challenging place than 'The Inner Wall' and we tired ourselves out quickly.  They can provide Rock Climbing Merit badge and will arrange a group discount for us on future dates.  The Scouts decided that this will be our new destination for rock climbing.
March 11 Bike Hike and mini Marathon - The Troop met in Carmel at 9:00 AM.  With TJ, JM, and KL in the lead, and Mr. McCabe in the rear, we took off for our destination (Yorktown Heights) fifteen miles away.  Everyone was on bikes, except for RL, who ran a mini 5 mile marathon.  We all stopped for a rest after 5 miles and amazingly, RL caught up with us!  There was a miscommunication on where we should all end up, which resulted in some bikers to wind up in different places from the rest of us. But we got that sorted out and established new rules for future trips to avoid this type of mishap, and we were on our way home by about 1:45.  Even with the slight confusion, we all had an enjoyable day on the bike trail. By ML
Feb. 25 Lazar Tag - The scouts got together for a 'fun' day trip to Laser Storm, a large Conn. Lazar tag facility. It was definitely a trip you would have wanted to go on.  The troop was split up, into a green and red team and we played three twenty minute games of dramatic laser tag. Mr. Porta’s team won all three times over Mr. Carilli’s team.  A honorable mention players were Joe, who earned the Laser Storm T-Shirt, Mr. Porta and Mr. Carilli.  After that, we went out for pizza in a restaurant in the same plaza.  Overall, everyone had an excellent time.  By ML
Feb. 18-19 Pound Ridge Winter 'Fun' Campout - We changed our initial plans from Clear Lake to Pound Ridge after seeing the park during the Winter Camporee.  We arrived on Sat. morning to a very cold and windy park.  We brought our new trailer on its first trip loaded with our gear.  We had 3 leantos, 1 for each of 2 patrols, and 1 for the Adult leaders and community activities.  Tarps were secured over the front of the leantos and when a fire was started inside, it was quite warm and a far cry more comfortable than the 10 degree weather outside.  The scouts in teams of two, prepared meals to be tasted by the leaders in a cooking contest and James and Weston won!  After a prolonged breakfast and some hiking about, we left and arrived at home just after noon.  The greenbar decided to visit Pound Ridge again in the spring when hiking would be more enjoyable in the warmer weather.
Jan. 28, 06 Inner Wall Rock Climbing - Our 5th annual rock climbing event was held today at the Inner Wall in Newpalz,NY.  Climbing Merit Badge Counselor Kevin Wiggers joined us again, and instructed and assisted the scouts in obtaining their Merit Badge.  We spent 3 1/2 hours climbing and had a pizza-party lunch during the event.  The event went well, and some of the boys wanted to 'step-it-up' a notch next year and go to a more aggressive wall in Conn. or Valhalla.
Jan. 14, 06 Muscoot Winter Camporee- We met at ShopRite at 8:00 for the trip to Pound Ridge where the event was held.  It was an extremely wet and rainy morning which ended up being OK from about 10:30 on.  The theme of the event was "wilderness survival" and the scouts had to hike to different stations over a course of 2-3 miles where they demonstrated various scout skills in a competition with other Troops/Patrols.  We had 2 patrols which made it to 'most' of the stations (with prodding from the SM).  To be kind, I'll just say that they didn't win any ribbons!  We were finished by 2:30 and home before the ice storm hit us (where most of us got to camp out in our homes with our families while waiting for power to be restored).
Dec. 10 Carmel Tree Lighting - We met in Carmel in time for the annual Chowder fest and caroling.  Later we staged our float with the other marchers in the County Building Lot.  We had a Scout constructed tower of about 7 feet high, a  'rope bridge'  and a campfire, all adorned with many Xmas lights run by an onboard generator.  A Scout was positioned on top of the tower where he signaled 'Merry Christmas' with semaphore flags.  We were noted by and received nice comments from the parade judges.  At the end, we were treated to hot cocoa and donuts while we listened to various groups perform xmas carrols.
Dec. 2-4, Camp Read Ski Trip- We traveled to Camp Read on Friday, unsure if we would have enough snow to ski the next day in which case we would hike up Mt. Stevens and find other forms of entertainment in the area.  We met up with B. Daley who runs the Council Ski program and convinced us to ski with him at Gore the next day...We're glad we did!  It was a great day on the mountain even though only 8 trails were open.  There were very short lift lines, the area was uncrowded and the open trails were very enjoyable for most of the day.  2 of our scouts took lessons and improved tremendously and skied with the "pro's" in the afternoon.  At the end of the day, our new Scoutmaster had prepared a great meal for us back at camp.  After dinner, we played games and watched 2 movies.  Some of us tried to spot Saturn with a telescope outside but it was too cloudy.  We were going to climb Stevens on Sunday before we left but it was snowing heavy in the morning and we felt it would be too slippery for all to attempt, so after a thorough clean-up of the Farm House, we left for home at about 10:00.
Nov. 11-13, 05 Carmel Community Campout - We met at Camp Herlich Friday night and set up camp.  We joined the 3 other local troops to run a Cub 'Camporee type' program on Saturday.  The Boy Scouts pitched tents and slept outside, while the Cubs and their parents slept inside on 'bunk cots'.  It was a very good weekend weather wise and everything went well.  Troop-1 Carmel provided entertainment on Sat. night and handled all food services.
Nov. 5-6, 05 Appalachian Trail - We met on Saturday morning at the park and ride where after shuffling the cars,  we picked up the trail at the Route-55 entrance in Pawling.  The Scouts, lead by our SPL took off at an aggressive pace leaving the adult leader behind to enjoy a leisurely pace and a morning of sightseeing along the trail.  We arrived at the leanto before lunch and set up camp.  We were later joined by another Scout Troop out of Connecticut whom also wanted to use the leanto to sleep in that evening.  Since we brought along plenty of tents, we gave them the leanto, packed up, and moved down the trail to a nice field and re-setup camp again.  Our dinner was prepared by the Scouts at a Green-Bar meeting held the night before and consisted of chicken or fish, both stuffed and rolled in tin foil.  It was delicious!  We all turned in early after a tiring day and woke up early where after a quick cold breakfast we hiked out of the woods to the cars and home before 10:00.

Note:  Many of the Scouts met again later in the day to complete the priming of the Patterson Presbyterian church.

Oct. 29 Community Service- We met at the Patterson Presbyterian church and scrapped 2 sides of their building in preparation for painting.  The weather was too cold to paint, so we left at noon with a promise to return to complete the painting.
Sept. 30-2 Block Island Bike Hike- We left on Friday night and set-up camp at Fishermans Memorial State Park.  On Sat. morning, we ate a quick breakfast and prepared bag lunches for the trip.  We left the campsite on our bikes for a 1.5 mile trip to the Block Island ferry where we boarded the boat for the 45 minute trip over.  During the boat ride, the boys held a green-bar meeting to discuss future events.  On arrival to Block Island, we first rode our bikes to a lighthouse at the far west of the island.  The scouts caught some small crabs under the rocks which we let go.  We rode back into town in time for lunch which we had in a shelter just outside of town.  For our afternoon trip, we rode to the east lighthouse which is newly restored and sits atop a high bluff with a great view.  A little further along the trail, we encountered a stairway leading down to the beach which most of us took.  It was about 100 Feet down and once their, we traveled along the beach to a "Swiss Family Robinson" shack built some years ago by some collage students who lived in it for most of a summer season.  After the climb back up the stairs, some us headed back to town, and the rest of us continued around the island past the airport where we located a small Scout camp on the island and ran into a Somers troop whom camping there.  Back in town, we indulged in some shopping and seafood snacks before departing on the ferry for the ride back.  The Adults prepared a dinner for everyone and it was a early night for our tired bones.
Sept. 24, 05 Corn Maze- Awaiting someone who attended to e-mail a paragraph about this event!
Sept. 23-25 OA Weekend at Clearlake- All 4 elected boys attended and completed their ordeal at Clearlake this weekend.  They were very fortunate that the weather was excellent.  One adult leader assisted the ranger in completing an archery shed.
Sept. 18, 05 Patterson Day- We had a good turn out of scouts and parent/leaders to support our Troop in our community.  We had a table to promote and recruit for Scouting and we sold Popcorn, Snow Cones, Fried Dough, Candy, Drinks and Cheese Cakes.  Some of the Scouts escorted guests on the Nature Trail that was built by Eagle Scout John Sisko with the help of the Troop.
Sept. 10, 05 Service Project and Bike Check-out We assembled at Ryan Field in Kent where we worked under the supervision of Ryan L (for the beginning of his Eagle project) to create 2 horseshoe pits for the park.  We had to dig out the pits, cut and assemble wooden boxes for each pit, fill in low spots with dirt and cement in the pegs.  The next morning (on Kent Day) a few scouts raked out woodchips over the area which were dumped on the site by a park employee.  We also begin lining the Nature trail with rocks.  Most scouts brought their bikes with them to be checked out for the upcoming Rhode Island biking trip.
July 3-16, 05 Camp Read 2005- We had 15 scouts attend the first week at camp and (ah-hoom) 2 boys attend the second week.  We had 1 staff member and 2 CITs serving this year as well.  (The 2 CITs served for the entire summer (only 2 weeks are required!)!).  One of the CITs was chosen by the director of the Cub Resident Camp to act as the liaison between the Cubs and the adult leaders.  This year, each of the 2 patrols had a working sink and a 3 burner gas stove to prepare their meals with.  Our boys completed 60 merit badges, 4 1-mile swim's, 2 BSA liftguard and 1 scout completed his requirements for the rank of Star.  The Troop came in second for the Waubeeka award due to dubious points (in our opinion) being awarded to another troop for stealing an artifact from the adjoining camp!
June 21 Court of Honor - Tonight was our last Court of Honor of our scouting year.  It was held at the Patterson Rec Center in place of our regular meeting.  We awarded the following advancements; 1 Life, 1 Star, 5 First Class, 1 Second Class, 1 Tenderfoot and numerous merit badges.  We finally got our polar bear swim patches from last year at Read.  Our district commissioner Lenny was there to award the troop and Ryan a certificate of appreciation for running the Spring Camporee, and he awarded Mr. Sisko, The Scoutmaster Award of Merit.
June 18 Deep Sea Fishing - The Troop chartered a fishing boat, The Shamrock, out of New Rochelle and went fishing for Blues in Long Island Sound.  We left Shop Rite Plaza at 4:00 and departed for the Sea at 5:30.  We brought snacks and beverages which we ate most of on the way out.  We fished 2-3 spots and caught 6-8 Blues averaging about 3-6 lbs.  Michael L caught the largest and won the ship pool.  We decided that we would do this trip again next year.  Upon our departure, we had to change a flat tire which a scout stepped up to do.
June 3-5 Housatonic River Canoe Trip - We left the A&P parking lot at 6:00 Friday for the 45 minute scenic drive to Sharon Ct. (1 of us took a 3 hr. ultra scenic ride!) We arrived at our camp site in the Housatonic Meadows State Park and set-up camp.  Two of our adult leader went up earlier and had snacks prepared for our arrival.  The following morning, everyone was up at 6:30, breakfast prepared, additional members of our troop arrived and we were on the road by 8:30.  We rented 12 kayaks for the boys, and brought 6 canoes for the adults.  We got underway at about 10:45.  The river was very low this year and not moving very fast, we paddled most of the way and had to negotiate hundreds of rocks and obstacles in our path.  Just past the half-way point, we all gathered at a convenient stopping point for snacks and a swim.  It was a -very- sunny and warm day and much to our surprise, many of us returned to the campsite with a fairly severe sunburn.  (Note 4 next year...BRING SUNTAN LOTION!)  We arrived back at camp at 3:15 and prepared lunch while some of the adults re-shuffled the cars back to the campsite.  One adult leader was treated for dehydration at a local hospital and the assistant SPL stepped on a glass bottle in the river and had to leave early.  Other than that, we all had a great time!  That evening after 3 patrols and the adults cooked separate dinners, we enjoyed a big council fire with many skits and 'war stories' rehashed.  The next morning, we were packed up and on our way home by 9:00.  One scout completed his 1st class cooking requirement.
May 13-15 Spring Camporee...Survival of the Fittest - Muscoot District held it's annual spring camporee at Putnam County Veteran's Memorial Park in Kent NY. The Camporee was planned and led by Ryan L., with support from his Troop 440 Patterson (Whom also ran the Cooking Station). Our weather held out for the entire day, with a tent washing after the evening campfire was completed.
   The camporee was attended by over 185 Boy Scouts. The Scouts had 6 skill stations, including Orienteering, First Aid, Pioneering, Fire Building, Cooking and Wilderness Survival. The theme of the camporee was "Survival of the Fittest", with a storyline of a patrol out on a day hike, and the obstacles that they would encounter. One of the highlights for the Scouts was to cook their 'captured' Cornish Game Hen on an open fire, and serve to the judges. Many methods were used, and all survived the challenge.
   Three of our Scouts complete their 1st class cooking during this event and Ryan was awarded a "certificate of Appreciation" at the Council fire for his efforts. The Guinness patrol came in 5th out of 22 Patrols that competed.
   After the Council fire, Bobby C. made fried dough for everyone after which we all retired early to our tents after a hard days work to listen to the 'pitter/patter' of rain drops.
Apr. 29-01 05 Annual Dinner and COH - Our annual dinner was held for the second year at the Presbyterian camp in Holmes, NY.  The Scouts arrived at the cabins Friday night where the hall was decorated and some of the dishes for the following days meal were prepared.  Each patrol prepared a full meal for 15-20 people based on a Country theme.  We had German, Italian, Irish and Mexican.  On Saturday, the boys alternated in cooking their meals and working on advancements.  Our 4 new scouts were instructed on the requirements for the Scout badge along with certain additional requirements our Troop has added (such as flint and steel fire starting and ax and knife skills).  Ryan handled this training with assistance from John G. and Brian.  The dinner began promptly at 5:00 with appetizers and a 'friends of scouting' presentation by a Council rep.  All the meals turned out well, were served hot and mostly finished by our families.  The Court of Honor which followed presented 1 First Class, 1 Second Class, 4 Scout, and numerous Merit Badges.  A special promotion was given to Ryan to Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, and John S. who recently turned 18, re-joined the troop as an adult Assistant Scoutmaster.
Apr. 26, 05 Rock Climbing at Clear Lake - a few of our scouts joined Mr. Wiggers and Mr. Sisko at Clear Lake to Climb at the newly installed wall at the camp.  Many of them completed the requirements for their rock climbing merit badge.
Apr. 17, 05 Rifle Merit Badge  - 8 scouts earned their Rifle Merit badge today at the Putnam County Fish and Game Club.  The club runs 2 days annually for both rifle and shotgun and does a very good job of explaining all the safety rules and weapons handling.  On the range, the boys had 1 on 1 instruction and all whom attempted the badge earned it! 
Apr. 2, 9th Service Project - a large number of our scouts joined with other scouts and volunteers to assist John S. in his Eagle project at patterson town park.  The first Saturday, we labored in the cold rain to remove garbage and fallen branches from a trail laid out by John, and to create a border on the trail with dead branches and rocks.  We also cleared the trail of other debris and spread wood chips over the 1st 100 yards of the trail.  The following weekend, with nicer weather, we spread wood chips over the end of the trail, painted nature identification signs, inspected and cleaned up the trail again, and left at about 1:00 with a completed project.
Mar. 5, 05 Snow Tubing - a patrol of scouts traveled to a ski mountain in Conn. where they rented tire tubes and rode them down a prepared trail at the facility.
Feb. 24, 05 Moonlight Hike -  a small group of scouts traveled to the Mt. Ninham fire tower at 8:00PM where we hiked up the road to the tower, observed the country-side at night and signaled back and forth with one of the scouts parents who was 3-4 miles away on her lawn!  After a snack, we 'bush-tailed' through the woods, using the very clear light of a full moon to guide us, back to the cars.
Feb. 11-13, 05 Winter Fun Campout - The troop held its second annual Winter Fun Campout at Clear Lake this weekend.  The Scouts set up a large Hex-Tent on the snow and all slept together.  We went hiking, ice fishing and built a large fire.  Mr. McCabe did the cooking for the event.
Jan. 29, 05 Inner Wall Rock Climbing - Our 4th annual rock climbing event was held today at the Inner Wall in Newpalz,NY.  This year, Climbing Merit Badge Counselor Kevin Wiggers joined us and instructed and assisted the scouts in obtaining their Merit Badge.  We spent 3 1/2 hours climbing and had a pizza-party lunch during the event.  J.M. was our most aggressive and skilled climber of the group on this trip.  The facility agreed to host a Scout overnighter where we would arrive at 7:00pm, climb till 11:00, sleep over then climb some more in the morning.
Dec. 11, 04 Carmel (and Patterson) Tree Lighting - We met at 6:00pm in Carmel and set-up a float with a tent, fireplace and other camping and Xmas objects and lights and along with the Webelos of Pack-14, marched in a parade down Rt.6 to Sybil where a tree lighting ceremony was held.  We were not able to stay for the complete ceremony because we were also committed to attend Patterson's tree lighting ceremony as well, so at the completion of the parade, we dismantled the float, rushed back to our cars and drove to Patterson in time to attend their ceremony and march to the Rec. Center where we were to assist in serving refreshments to the guests.  The scouts were treated to small gifts from Santa.
Nov. 13-14, 04 Carmel Community Campout - We met at Camp Herlich on Friday with members of Troops 1 and 14 where we planned for the events we would be hosting for the Cub Scout Webelos the following day.  We had 1 1/2 inches of snow from Friday into Saturday which put a slight damper on activities as well as reduced the Cub Scout attendance.  Meals were provided and prepared by Carmel Troop 1 whom did their usual great job.  The Cubs that attended had a good time and learnt a few Scout skills from the Boy Scouts.  Entertainment was provided by the Ninham Indians who did ancient Indian songs and chants accompanied by drums.
Nov. 6-8, 04 Appalachian Trail - We met on Friday night at the beginning of the trail near the Taconic parkway and stayed overnight in a leanto.  The next morning, we hiked appx. 9 miles on the trail with day packs while our adult leaders shuffled the cars and equipment to the planned stopping point for Saturday nights stay.  On Saturday, we decided to pitch our tents in a separate site near the 'official' leanto on the trail and after a hearty meal, everyone turned in early.  We woke up early, ate and packed up quickly, and were home by 10:00.
Oct. 16-17, 04 Thunderbird Games - Due to heavy rain, we cancelled the Friday night sleepover and arrived on Sat. morning where we quickly set-up camp.  We shared the running of our Sumo wrestling station this year with Brewster Troop 1, so our boys were able to leave and visit the adjacent Metro Train exhibit while the other troop set-up for the event.  It was a fairly cold and windy day, but after a short delay, the games began and everything went well.  We were considered 'staff' and thus were able to eat our meals in a staff area instead of preparing our own.  Westin discovered some bamboo and the boys spent a few hours after dinner carving flutes and other items from it.  On Sunday morning, we all got up early, were fed in the staff area and left before 9:00.  Ryan stayed behind and assisted in transporting Cub gear from their campsites to the parking lots.
Oct. 9-10, 04 District Camporee Canoe Trip - We left the park and ride at 6:30 AM for a 2 hour drive to Narrowsburgh where we quickly setup our campsite into 3 patrols.  At 10:30, we left on the bus up river where we were fitted with PFD's and equipped with 5 canoes and 5 kayaks to carry our 15 scouts and adults 15 miles down river.  Each scout got a chance to ride in a kayak, and the total trip down river took us 5 hours!  No one from our troop capsized their canoe, even in a very challenging section of white water (where we watched many other unfortunate souls take a dip in the cold water).  Back at camp, we all changed into warm cloths and began preparing dinner.  Keith was cooking for his first class requirement.  Some of our scouts were entertained by a loud party hosted by a different group in an adjoining shelter.  At 9:00, we had a council fire and watched and participated in many skits and songs.  Following the fire, the leaders were treated to a lavish cracker barrel where plans for the winter event were reveled and leaders were asked for comments.  The next morning, everyone was up at 7:00, breakfast was quickly made, and we took down camp and were on our way home by 10:00.
Sept 24-26, 04 Clear Lake Campout with Pack-14 - We arrived at Clear Lake Fri. evening and after setting up our site, joined Pack-14 Webelos for a campfire and skits in their separate site. The next moring, the Webelos came to our site, where our Scouts prepared breakfast for them and spent the day doing activities with them including a monkey bridge.  The evening was spent on advancement and SPL/Scoutmaster conferences after a hearty meal prepared by each of 3 patrols.
Sept 19-21, 04 OA Service Weekend - We had 4 scouts and 1 leader make their 'Brotherhood' over this rainy weekend.  We spent a long hard wet day on Sat. working many projects, and after receiving and assisting in OA ceremonies, were treated to a 'feast' consisting of a decent steak dinner.
Sept. 12, 04 Patterson Day - We set up and manned a monkey bridge for the day and spotted many hundreds of kids walking over it.  We provided snow cones, drinks and fried dough for the guests and made some money doing it!
Aug.29, 04

Multi Event Day - We had a very busy day on August 29!  We manned a water station for the Tour-de-Putnam, We took down tents and cleared a camp area at the Presbyterian camp, and we hosted almost 50 Cub Scouts with families for dinner, campfire and skits.  Check out the Photo's Here.

July 4-17, 04 Camp Read 2004- For the 1st time in our troop history, we had 100% attendance at summer camp!  Nine boys stayed for a 2nd week and 2 boys went back for a third!  We had 1 full time staff member and 3 boys put in some time as CIT's.  The boys earned over 90 merit badges, and 2 boys earned BSA Lifeguard.  This year, we had 2 patrols of scouts and a separate patrol of seniors including the adult leaders.  It was a very wet few weeks and we were forced to cancel our rock climbing and zip line event the 1st week, but had a good experience on our white water rafting trip.  The Troop came in 2nd for the Waubeeka Award, we had 2 boys singled out for excellence in Archery and Shotgun, and one boy won the 'Buckskin 500' during the 2nd week at camp.